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Over 200 blog posts and counting

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Meg photo I have a long history with dieting. I know what a diet mentality feels like, I know the deals dieters make with themselves, and I know how harmful a diet mentality is to your heart, body and soul.

I am using my personal experience as a dieter, as well as my professional experience as a manager for Nutrisystem and as a fitness instructor to help you see what I (finally) realized:

Diets sabotage your effort to be a healthy, thin, happy person.

I am putting as much support as I can online to help you make the transition from “diet mentality” to a healthy, happy “thin mentality.”

My formal education includes a BA from Georgetown University and a Master’s Degree in Communication.

I am here to help you and I welcome your feedback.

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Diets Are Fattening

The more we spend on diets the fatter we become. Perhaps diets don't make us thin - perhaps they make us fat! How can the diet industry be held responsible for the increase in obesity? This book will show you.

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diets are fattening workbook cover

So how do I lose weight?

Let me guide you through the first 12 weeks of your healthy Thin Mentality.
I share the same information, techniques, and exercises that I used to make my own transition to a healthy Thin Mentality 15 years ago.

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