When you get your Healthy Thin Mentality "Aha" moment, everything changes.

Here is what to do to make that happen.

Understand HOW you got heavier than you want to be.   The first part of our workbook helps you decipher your true eating/dieting history.  Understanding the truth of this helps you to commit to never dieting again and that is essential to your HTM.

If you don't understand that dieting is the culprit, you will flit around our message, liking the freedom and joy of it, liking the common sense of it, but not QUITE believing it is the answer.

That completely sabotages your efforts because lurking in the back of your mind is:
"Well, if this doesn't work, I will go back on a diet."

That destructive thought will grab you out of the present and make you live your life in a moment that doesn't yet exist, The Future.

And your HTM depends on your commitment to live in the present. 

No deal making, as dieters are so apt to do:  I will eat this and then diet later, I will work out now so I can lose weight by this weekend,  I will save calories by not eating now so I can eat a big dinner later.  I will fast 23 hours and stuff myself for one.

There is no deal making here.  There is no grandiose plan to do something better next week.

There is just NOW, where in the only moment you have, the present, you answer your body's call to eat or to not eat.

I understand that you are filled with trepidation because you have been stung so many times. 

You've bought the gimmicky products in the hopes of flat abs.  Or you have thrown away all your food and only consumed protein drinks, only to gain back more than we lost.  Or you have had to re purchase your "fat" clothes... 

Friends, this is not a gimmick.  This is not trendy.  This is you, returning to you. This is you, without the influence of a diet industry that thrives on handicapping you, that thrives on making you believe you are out of control, by making you think that you need food rules.

But, you don't break your diet, your dieting breaks you.

So here you are in your aha moment realizing that there are more than two choices:

You, accepting living in a body heavier than you want it to be.

You, obsessing and dieting.

This is the third choice-

You, pairing eating with your natural instinct to eat and not to eat, and losing weight calmly, by aligning with the person you would be if you had never dieted at all.