You Will Crave Nutritious Food Too!

So I was at a restaurant eating a nice salad that was crunchy and delicious last night.   Someone I know, who knows I run this website said, “Oh, I thought you could eat whatever you wanted.”

It never occurred to her that a salad could be something that someone would actually want.  Well it is!

As you develop your thin mentality, you have to be open to the idea that you will actually crave nutritious foods, as well as desserts, as well as salty foods, as well as high protein foods etc., etc.   Don’t try to talk yourself out of it!  Instead listen to what your body is asking you to provide.   That voice is probably soft right now, because you haven’t listened to it for years.  But, it will get louder, the more you listen to it.  You will get better and better at “hearing” what you need.

Opening a menu at a restaurant and knowing that you can order anything you want is a great.  After years of looking at a menu with a dieters’ perspective- (Well the chicken without sauce would be safe, or I could just get a shrimp cocktail, because that is low in calories and then get a side salad with just lemon juice, bla bla bla)  it is so refreshing to have those restrictions lifted.   Remember, that when you were “good” at a restaurant, you would frequently have something out of your fridge before you went to bed because you were still hungry.

So you would go out, not eat enough, kind of resent that feeling, come home and have a bowl of ice cream, and end up ingesting more calories, ironically, than if you had just had the reuben sandwich you really wanted in the first place!

Dieting is a trap.  Learn to eat with a thin mentality.  Enjoy your food in an amount appropriate for you, meaning until you aren’t hungry anymore, and then Get On With Your Life!