You Can’t Control Everything, But You Can Be In Charge Of You!

Life throws stuff at you, right?

You had all good plans to eat a low calorie lunch, but then your boss asked you to eat lunch with a client.  You stocked your fridge with healthy vegetables and yogurt, but then your friend came to town and asked you to dinner.  You planned to go the gym, but you forgot your sneakers.  Whatever!

Instead of getting all stressed out and feeling “victimized,” just focus on your reaction.  That keeps you feeling powerful, and in charge- not “in control,” which is different.  You can’t control everything, but you can be in charge of how you, just you, react.

For example, when you go out with a client instead of eating your lunch from home, there is zero reason for that to make you over eat.  NO NO NO!  Stay in the present, enjoy your lunch, eating what you crave and STOP when your hunger is quiet.

Yes, I sound like a broken record on this subject!

But, it IS that simple.  Just start doing it. First time is the hardest/weirdest.  It gets easier.  It gets EASY, yes easy.  It is normal, and instinctual and you have just been trained out of it!

A healthy thin mentality life is more than just eating an appropriate amount for your hunger, likes, and needs  It is a perspective that is fluid, adaptable and enjoyable.

So, when your friend calls you last minute to invite you to dinner, your reaction isn’t mired by worry over what you will eat.   You are joyful, not worried.

Doesn’t that sound better?  Don’t you think it is worthwhile to build a thin mentality life?


-No food scares you

-You eat food you love

-Nutritional choices come from you (yes they do!) instead of from following some rigid plan

-You relax

-You feel more joyful

-You calmly, harmoniously lose weight and get to an ideal, healthy weight for you

-You love doggie bags

-Your self esteem rebounds (nothing is worse for your self esteem than a diet mentality!)

Think progress, not perfection, and get started.