Believing that you were born naturally thin is an important step to building your HTM.  

When you understand this, you will be free.

How does this work?

The diet industry has convinced you that without guidance, you would be heavy.  

Thin dieters who are "good," and follow these rules are held up as heroes, and role models.

If you too are "good," you too will be rewarded with the body of your dreams.

We are taught to follow celebrities, expensive programs, checklists, apps and food rules instead of the true hero, Mother Nature.

When you return to the wisdom of Mother Nature, you will you will be rewarded with the body of your dreams, not when you pay some app or follow some celebrity on IG.

But it is tricky because in order to have the confidence to reject dieting, you have to trust your body.

And for a lot of us, when your body is heavier than you want it to be, you don't feel safe trusting it.

But you must.

Remember, your body didn't fail you.  The diet industry did.   That extra weight you carry is a result of dieting. 

If you had never had dieting as an option, if you had never dieted, what do you think you would weigh now?

A lot less.

Look at a picture of a crowd from 1950.  See all the thin people?  That would have been you.  Without dieting, you may not have been the skinniest, but you wouldn't have dieted your way to be where you are now.

The diet industry has made us fat.  

Your Healthy Thin Mentality will take you back to the body you were born with.

And that is exactly what you want: your body, as Mother Nature intended.