Work With Your Hunger, Not Against It…

Remember, you are building a thin mentality to replace your diet mentality.

That means we are adopting the behavior of naturally thin people. And what do naturally thin people do that most impacts their weight?  They eat less, overall.  But no worries as I say that!  Don’t make that sad assumption that you will be in denial!  That is your diet brain talking.

When I say “they eat less” you are picturing yourself lying in bed after eating a small dinner and saying to yourself, “Just go to sleep and the day will be over and I will have made it through the day on my diet.”

What an awful, awful way to live


That is not what you will do as you build your healthy thin mentality.

You are going to learn that if you eat when you are hungry, just enough to satisfy that hunger, you will be eating less than you used to. (When you weren’t dieting.)  But it isn’t painful.  Eating less is painful when foods are forbidden and hunger is denied.

If you are hungry and want a cheese danish, you will eat a few bites, and see how you feel.  You may indeed need the whole thing.  But give yourself a chance to be very satisfied and happy eating half.  But if you are hungry for the whole thing, that is OK!!  Just be open to the possibility that 1/2 is enough.  That is what naturally thin people do.  They do not feel an obligation to eat the whole thing!

And be open to other cravings too.  Your body will, yes it will, crave “healthy foods.”  Be willing to accept those cravings as well as the cravings for what you used to consider “bad” food.  Just because I am saying that you can eat whatever you crave, don’t try to talk yourself into a cookie when what you really crave is a crisp salad.

Your thin mentality will allow you to eat less, but enjoy it more.  Way more.  And you will feel powerful, in control, and relaxed around food.

And that is how weight comes off.  And, the thinner you get, the less food you will require.  But that will feel fine to you because it is in complete harmony with your body.  Of course smaller people require less food.

If your goal is to eat as much food as possible, you are stuck in a diet mentality.  A happier goal is to eat when you are hungry.  This is normal, healthful and enjoyable.