Work With, Not Against, Mother Nature

One of the most enduring diet myths is that you can “replace” a high calorie item with a low calorie item and “save” calories and your body will not know the difference.

But as the saying goes, “You can’t fool Mother Nature…”

If you eat less in an effort to save calories, you do save them temporarily, but the effect of that lower calorie meal is that you will need more food later.  Doesn’t that make sense to you?

So instead of substituting a non fat, fake-sugar yogurt for the yogurt or food you really like, just eat the food you really crave, when you are hungry.   And as you eat it, truly enjoy it, without guilt or telling yourself you “should” be eating something else.

The diet industry has created that list of “shoulds” for you, and they make TONS of money making you believe their list is more important than the signals you get from your own body.  Do you let some company tell you when to go to the bathroom?  No you rely on your body.

The thin mentality person is different.

She or he knows that eating what your body craves is healthy, smart and slimming.  And your body will surprise you with how many variable and wonderful foods it will crave- including really healthful stuff.  It will be far more satisfying to you, and help you calm down your food and eating/not eating obsession.

And how do you lose weight doing this?

Well once you understand that you can’t fool your body, you will start trusting your  body instead.  And the weight loss comes when you successfully match eating and hunger.  When you eat when you are hungry and stop when hunger is quiet, you will be eating appropriately for YOU.  And if you are doing this and not losing weight, try paying more attention to the “enough” signal.

And remember, you are the only one who can listen to your body.  If you don’t, no one will!  And wouldn’t that be sad?  If your fantastic, smart body went ignored for your whole life?

But the bottom line is this:  (I don’t mind telling you the truth)  We need less food than we think… But when you can eat whenever you are hungry, you will be fine.   Dieting through vicious hunger pangs is what makes you sad and obsessed.

And you will realize that eating past hunger is just a habit.  You can break that habit easily because you will be working with your body, not against it.  (Why do you think you feel so awful and bloated when you overeat?- Good ole Mother Nature is trying to tell you something!!  Even if what you ate was a bowl of veggies- don’t overload your stomach!)

Value your hunger.  Value your voice.  Have a great day.