New Year Thought

One of the very best differences between a diet mentality and a healthy thin mentality is that your healthy thin mentality gets easier over time.
When I dieted, I always felt like I was on a tightrope, and at some point, either I, or the tightrope, would snap and I would fall, fall, fall.
Or, like a rubber band was being stretched, and at some point it would snap back.
But the habits and practices of your healthy thin mentality, such as not weighing yourself, or matching eating with hunger, get EASIER. So instead of “using up” your “discipline” or “willpower,” like when you diet, you are building yourself stronger and stronger.
And you know what?  Unlike the diet industry, I don’t want you to need me or any food or eating advice, eventually.
Food and eating and your weight will become an easy and joyful part of life.   And at some point, you will not need to reinforce your healthy thin mentality.
It will be there for you for the rest of your life.
The diet industry wants you to need them… for life. Oh my how sad.  (For more on how true this is, follow this link:
My best to you- Peace and Love- Meg