Why Biggest Loser Is Part Of The Problem

Teasers for the Biggest Loser showed Jillian yelling at people who were on treadmills.  The contestants were getting upset and feeling overwhelmed.  The voice over was all about this drama.

Why?  Because the show wants an audience and this juicy drama brings viewers in.

Remember this!  This is entertainment, not good instruction for getting into shape!

Jumping into incredibly hard workouts while someone is yelling at you is a recipe for… ending up back on the couch!!!

Ugh-  This is such a disservice to people who need to start working out.

Folks, that is NOT how it has to be.  That woman on the treadmill was working really hard just to walk.  She is carrying a lot of extra weight.  I want to tell her good job!!

I would encourage her to make moving her body as pleasant as she possibly could.  If that involved taking a break and regaining her breath, I would say fine!

You know why?

Because in order to make exercise a permanent addition to you life, it is important to make it reasonable.  And someone who hasn’t exercised at all and who is overweight, needs to start slowly and build up stamina and endurance.

Then, you can gradually increase the duration and intensity.

Just like listening to your hunger and satiety teaches you to trust yourself, your body needs you to listen to exhaustion and physical misery too!   That way, when you need to motivate yourself to get moving, your body isn’t sending you big “NO!” signals.

Be kind and respectful of your body, at this moment.  Deal with  your size and physical condition appropriately.  Being unreasonable only leads to ultimate failure.