What Thin People Know About Sugar

Dieters and Naturally Thin People are Completely Different!

Dieters demonize entire food groups, live with rigid food rules and look for guidance from the guru of the week on what to eat.

We have been led to believe that if we want to be thin, we should adopt those behaviors.

But No!

If you want to be a dieter, you should adopt those behaviors.  

But, if you want to be thin, adopt the behaviors of Naturally Thin People. 

Here are examples of Diet Mentality versus Healthy Thin Mentality perspectives.

DM:  I should strive for perfect nutrition at every meal.  It is stressful, but good for me.

HTM:  Nutrition happens over time.  I notice that I crave all kinds of foods, some thought of as "healthy," and some not.  It all works out, I feel great, andI  eat a variety of food.  

DM:  I try to never eat sugar.  Last week, I cracked and at a bag of cookies, and I felt so bad.

HTM:   Sometimes I get such a sweet tooth.  I have a bit of chocolate or meringue cookies that I love, and it is so enjoyable.  No, eating a whole bag of cookies is not appealing and of course that would make me feel bad.

DM:  I was sick yesterday, and I wanted chicken noodle soup, but it wasn't keto so I didn't have it.  Yes, I still feel weak.

HTM:  I was sick yesterday and the chicken noodle soup that my friend made for me was amazing.  I feel so much better today and feel so lucky that she made that for me.

DM:  I try to save at least 600 calories to eat at night.  

HTM:  I realize that if I under eat during the day, I overeat at night.  So I just stick to eating when I am hungry, and not worrying about "stock piling" calories for the evening.

Do you see how differently the naturally thin person thinks about food?  It is so much more life affirming, in harmony with your body and...Enjoyable.

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