It isn't diet coke, no oil popcorn and sugar free gum.


That is what dieters stock, or some variation.  

Naturally thin people put food in the fridge that...they like.  They don't fear eating something just because it is "there."   They don't eat something to get rid of it because the diet starts tomorrow.  They don't portion things out into amounts that are deemed "good."


What is in their refrigerators is as unique as they are.  It is an expression if their relationship with food, what they love, what makes them feel good, what they like to celebrate with, and what makes them happy.

Yes, food makes us happy.   It IS emotional.  Eating IS emotional.  Stocking your refrigerator with the food you love is such an act of self care.  

If you are shuddering, it is because you think you would stock your fridge with only "bad" food.  But, no you won't.  That is your diet mentality talking.

When you stop dieting, your true "food personality" emerges.  And she or he likes all kinds of stuff- healthful, not healthful, sweet, spicy etc.  

When you allow that person to emerge by accepting what your instincts ask for, magic happens.  I say magic because I know, when you are a dieter, it seems like magic to imagine you could have all of your favorite foods around you and not eat them.

But it happens.  Friends, it happens.

Take the time to understand that years of dieting, or decades like me, have deformed your ability to eat in response to hunger, and to not eat without it. And losing that ability, that natural rhythm, has made you put things in your fridge that you don't even like...