What Kind Of “Dog” Are You?

I finally figured out what kind of dog I am.

I used to think that I could diet my way to being a greyhound-  long limbed and really thin.  Well that is silly.  I don’t have long limbs-  how was I going to change that?

I am a cocker spaniel.  Average height, average length limbs, etc.

It is important that you recognize what your body type is.  I am not promoting that you accept being overweight.  I am saying that when you understand what “thin” is for your body, you have a better chance of success.

I wonder how many people were actually a pretty nice weight, and then went on a diet, lost weight and then gained more back, ending up fatter?  And then, of course, repeated this cycle until they really became heavy?

If only they had realized that their weight was actually in a good range for them, how much heartache and unhealthy dieting would they have avoided?  Probably a lot.

If you are a short person with a larger upper body, you are not going to change that.  Your proportions are part of you, and that is just fine.  Learn to love your “breed.”  Right?  I know I never see a dog that I don’t think is cute-  how about you?

A healthy thin mentality is about wisdom.  It is about a long term approach to a problem that has haunted many of us for decades.

Learn to eat when hungry, know what your body type is, and put an end to all the frustration.  It really is a happy way to be.  And your self esteem will improve dramatically when you aren’t constantly judging/berating yourself for the proportions you were born with.

I am not advocating that you give up your goal to be ideal weight.  But you must know what an ideal weight is for you.  And remember, don’t you love all kinds of different shaped dogs??