Walking Through The “Landmines” At The Grocery Store

Really?  Is that how we should look at grocery shopping?

Not to guilt trip us too much, but I am betting there are about a billion people from poor countries who would view walking through our grocery stores as quite the opposite…

Yet, this morning I saw this guy on TV explaining that the way to get fit and lean was to learn how to dodge all the “land mines” at the grocery store.  Ugh.  A true diet mentality in all its misery.

Listen, Eating is supposed to be pleasurable.  And yet we have turned it into a heart breaking exercise in frustration.

Stop listening to those talking heads on TV.  Stop ignoring what your body is trying to tell you.  Stop dieting!  Stop thinking there is some magic food combination that will “save” you.

Instead, open your mind to the possibility that we have it all wrong.  That all those TV shows and advertisements that promote dieting are just trying to fill air time with something they know you are desperately trying to figure out.

That desperation is leading you to turn off your common sense.

That includes hyper focusing on nutrition and “magic” solutions instead of focusing on a long term solution to your yo yo dieting.  Every time  I turn on the TV there is some diet guru with the latest and greatest protein shake, vegomatic drink or diet rule that will cure you!  Are you kidding me?

When you eat with respect to your own hunger, satiety and cravings, you will eat appropriately for you.  Your choices will respect your unique needs, your unique day, and your unique preferences.  And eating appropriately for your body is the path to being at your appropriate body weight.

How bizarre!  Really?  Do you think that that “expert” on TV knows what your body needs more than your own body does?  That is ridiculous.

But of course you haven’t listened to your own voice in so long, it’s barely a whisper.  But when you start listening, it will get louder and louder and you will feel stronger, and stronger.

It is a huge transition.  You won’t believe that you can go to a grocery store and instead of seeing “landmines” everywhere you see our grocery stores as a person from a poor country might-  not as a scary place that will bust your diet, but as a wonderful resource and opportunity for pleasure and satisfaction.

The key?

Save eating for when you are hungry.  Eat exactly what you want.  Stop when you don’t feel hunger anymore, (notice that is different than being full), and then move on with your day knowing that as soon as you are hungry again, a great pleasure awaits you…

Yes, it is a huge perspective shift.  But it is SO much easier than yo-yo dieting for the rest of your life.