Up And Down Dieting, Not What You Want…

Jenny Craig has hired Kirstie Alley again…  Oprah has bought a share of Weight Watchers and is now their spokesperson.

Do you realize what the message is?


Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig want their brand represented

by women who are famous for their up and down weight loss and gain.  


Did you get that?

How can we be surprised, angry or feel bamboozled by an industry that is so very clear in its message?

Go on our diet, and just like these famous celebs, you will go up and down the scale for decades.

Are we that star-struck that we don’t even notice that their weight loss only lasts as long as the photoshoot?  Google Valerie Bertinelli, Jessica Simpson, Carnie Wilson etc., etc., and you will see the whole picture.  And men are in this mix as well.  Terry Bradshaw is looking heavy again, at least in the last pic I saw.

I am NOT shaming these people.  I have so much empathy for these celebrities whose livelihood depends on their appearance.  I am trying to help YOU see the reality here, and not be swayed by a picture that is a “snap shot” of their lives, and not the whole story.

Connect the dots:  diets do not work.

Then, connect hunger with eating.  Build your Healthy Thin Mentality.