Unbelievable Patent For “Bulimia Machine”

Did you know that there is a patent pending for your own personal stomach pump called Aspiration Therapy?  Basically, a one centimeter hole is opened into your stomach and a permanent tube is installed, so you can manually pump out your stomach’s contents after you eat.

Yes, we are that desperate.

And that desperation has made us vulnerable.  We have lost our way and have completely perverted our relationship with food and eating.

I am trying to help people repair that.

And I need your help.  If you read this blog, please comment, share your story on Facebook, (DietsAreFattening) share my twitter (@megmeranus) or pass along this site info, or share my youtube videos (DietsAreFattening).

With companies out to make money off our perverted relationship with food, we are in trouble.  If there is money to be made, our dysfunction will continue to be reinforced by the diet industry.

We will continue to be trained out of normal eating and into yo yo dieting that leaves us fat and miserable.

I was so sad when I read about this patent.  I picture a nice person sitting in a chair sadly pumping out all the food they just ate, meanwhile, a kid starves elsewhere….  Truly a screwed up situation.

Thanks for helping.  I am just one voice.

Your thin mentality is under a layer of diet mentality…Dig it out!