Three Thoughts That Keep Me Thin

 I find these Healthy Thin Mentality behaviors most powerful.

1. If my body craves a food that isn't considered "healthy," I don't question it. 

But as I eat, I check in, every couple of bites to make sure I want more.  

For example,  at dinner the other night and I was craving something sweet and warm and ordered bread pudding.  It was amazing.  But, since I stay aware of how food is making me feel as I eat it, I easily notice a change in the enjoyment level.

What at first is "amazing" may be "just okay" three bites later.  I make sure I notice that.  And when 5 bites in, the enjoyment level has truly dropped, it is not hard to stop eating. 


Because I know that in five minutes I want more, I will take another bite and see how it makes me feel.  If it is amazing again- which can definitely happen, I will have more.  If it isn't, then I move on with my life.

2.  If I am hungry, but know I have plans to eat a special dinner in a couple of hours, I keep away mean hunger with a few bites of something.

This seems so obvious now, but as a dieter, this wasn't clear to me.  It was some mark of fortitude to wait for actual mealtime.  But now I know that it is far better to take the edge off of my hunger than to ignore it.  Just a few bites of something will allow me to continue having a good day, without  feeling weak or being distracted by hunger.

And at the end of the day, I eat less overall because I arrive at that great meal with a calm hunger.  I don't feel deprived or desperate.  I actually enjoy the dinner more thoroughly, and am able to savor the experience.

3. If I am hungry before bed, I get a snack.

Again, duh, right?  Well, dieters understand what I mean,  because we are told to stop eating at 7 or whatever.  The thought of loading up before bed seems downright blasphemous!  

Now, whether it is 11 pm, 1 am, noon, or whenever, I consistently respect my wise body and the hunger I feel.  I do not evaluate the time, the day or anything else. I respect it.   Sometimes, as mentioned above, I will just take the edge off hunger so I can enjoy a meal later.  But in any case, I answer it as well as I can when I am hungry.  And in turn, my body is calm, never sends those old binge feelings, and I have lived at my happy, healthy weight since 2000.