Three Things To Help Transition to HTM (Transcript from YouTube Video 3/31/2022)

The first habit that you want to break when you're building your healthy, thin mentality and

anticipating joyful, calm weight loss that is permanent

is stop focusing on the immediate results.

And I know I'm going to lose a bunch of

you right now, but I'm telling you the truth.

If you want permanent weight loss, it cannot be fast.

Because when weight loss is fast, your body

gets freaked out and urges you to binge,

urges you to lower your metabolism.

All of these physiological things happen to you.

You become more attracted to food when you

lose weight quickly because of a diet.

You become more emotionally attracted to food.

All the things that you do not want to happen happen when

you want weight loss and you want it to be quick.

And I respect wanting weight loss, and I think that the

smart way to do it is just to recognize right upfront

that your progress is going to be slower than if you

went on keto in terms of weight loss, but keto, et

cetera, every diet will backfire on you and lead you to

a heavier weight with a body composition that in general is

worse than when you started because you lose fat and muscle

and you generally gain back fat.


So all these things I'm saying, please Google them.  You don't have to believe me, these are known things, but the diet culture, the diet industry doesn't

promote these because then you wouldn't buy the diet.


Okay, so stop putting your mindset as in this summer, I

need to look, I need to be £30 less by June.

That just kills you.

Because again, you put yourself perhaps on a diet,

you get those £30 off and you're happy for

five minutes and then the struggle begins.

The struggle isn't the diet.

The struggle is after the diet,

the true after which these girls.

Right, you started at a weight you're not happy with.

You get thin where you want to be for a

minute and then you end up heavier than before.

That's the truth. Okay?

And I know I say that all the time, but

you need to hear it from me or someone because

you hear the opposite message all the time. All right?

So get your head out of that quick fix mentality.

And I know, especially if you're

young, we always want things fast.

But I'm telling you, if you develop your healthy,

thin mentality and you learn to eat intuitively for

the rest of your life, this problem is solved.

It's solved once and for all.

And I know many people who are in our private group or

whatever say, oh, they were here with this and they went off

and they went on a diet and then they come back.

Yeah, well, that's fine.

But I mean, that's fine, but just stick with this.

Just do the mental work of understanding

how you got where you are.

And it was through an obsession with dieting an obsession

may feel like too strong a word for you. So maybe it is.

But just if you've died once or twice or three times

or 20 times, I don't even know how many times I

died in the 25 years I was a Dieter.

But just look at that. Okay.

Is this what you want?

Is this working?

Okay, so use that to fuel.

You not needing this fast, but needing it permanent.

Have permanent be your goal.

Okay, so much better.

All right, then.

Another little thing that I'm going to

call it not going through Pinterest.

I love Pinterest for lots of stuff, but I

haven't been on Pinterest for a while, but I'm

starting to post this stuff on Pinterest.

So I was scrolling through it and, oh, my God.

Well, probably because I'm posting stuff about weight

loss, they send me a bunch of weight

loss stuff and don't go there.

Don't go on these websites or these social

media places where you see all these before

and after and how I lost £40.

And you see women, particularly probably guys too, obviously,

they're showing me women and they show the before

and after and it's this catnip, it's enticing.

Oh, well, she did that.

How did she do that?

But remember, you're not seeing the whole story.

You are not seeing the whole story because I guarantee you,

they do not post when they gain the weight back.

They do not.

And those few people who keep weight off for

a long time are still dieting and having extreme

schedules that are not worth the price that you

pay, which is a dysfunctional relationship with food and

eating because you're obsessing over it.

It is not normal how much we talk about food and eating

and how much of our time we spend worrying about it.

That is not normal.

It has been normalized by our

culture, but that is not normal.

And so when you're thinking, oh, I'm going to go

on Pinterest or something and you start seeing those images

go somewhere else, leave that, because that hurts you.

That's in your mind now those images are in your mind.

Well, if I did that, but you've

been there, you've done that already.

And again, those people who put that out

there, who, let's say maintain weight loss for

a long time and they're financially incentivized to

do that, well, that's a whole different game.

Or you see some celebrity who tout some

diet, which amazingly, so many celebrities have done

that and that's backfired so harshly on them.

But I'm just saying, if your life is

that if your life is weight loss and

being a certain size, okay, then be obsessed.

But we're normal people here living a beautiful life.

Don't screw up your life by

having this huge focus on that.

When you are an intuitive eater, you do

not think about it all the time.

You do not.

And it's a beautiful way to live and it's normal.

It's in harmony with your body.

It's in harmony with Mother Nature

and you will love it.

Okay, so I'm saying Pinterest as a global term.

But if you look at magazines, I don't

know if you still look at magazines.

Watch out for those too.

And watch out for Instagram. All those things.

Just be immune to those before and after

pictures and people photos can be doctored.

One of the posts I did, I forget if it was

on this or on TikTok, you can buy before and after

photos and I did that to show how easy it is.

And you can claim that that

person lost weight with your thing.

No one cares.

No one polices that.

So be very wary of it.

And if it's someone you follow and you know that

really is them, you don't know their whole story.

I don't know if you guys remember someone.

I forget her name.

But she was on Instagram. I didn't follow her.

But a friend of mine did she come freely or something.

And she was hyping all this way

that she ate and lived and everything.

I don't even know. I think she was pretty thin.

It probably was.

And then she cracked and she put out

this post saying this is all a lie.

So beware my friends. Beware okay.

So first one is not being in a rush,

knowing this is a lifetime change you're doing.

Second is not going on these websites that make you

feel bad and also make you doubt that make you

believe that a diet is going to work because you

know it doesn't because you've already done that many times.

And then the third thing, and I know

this is a tough one, stop weighing yourself.

Stop weighing yourself.

Not because you don't care about the number and

not because that number doesn't matter because it is

a measure of where you are in a sense.

But when you're building your healthy, fit

mentality, when you weigh yourself, it disconnects

you from hunger and satiety.

Because in the back of your head, when you think

about that number, you think about what that number was

this morning and you think, well, if I do this

and maybe it will be a little bit less tomorrow,

but that's not what you want to connect with.

You do not want to connect

with that number as your guide.

You want your guide to be hunger

and satiety and weighing yourself corrupts that.

And it's not reliable day to day.

I used to weigh myself at least,

really probably twice a day at least.

And if I was around my house and there

the scale was, I might hop on it again.

So stupid.

All it did was make me think about that number instead of

was I hungry or was I not hungry or what did I

crave and was I tired or did I need to exercise?

All these things that number messes with.

Okay, so instead of feeling your body gosh,

I just really need to move today.

You go, well, I weighed more today,

so I really should go do something.

But I'm exhausted.

No, get that scale.

And it's not because you're just going to let

yourself go crazy and just eat whatever you want

because you don't have to weigh yourself.

No, that is not what we're saying.

We're saying when that scale goes away, you have

no other choice, but you have no other choice

than to say to yourself, okay, I'm not going

to be able to weigh myself.

I better key into hunger so I know how I'm doing.

And isn't that brilliant? Yes, it is.

That is how you want to live.

And that scale that you have that we

put in an honored place in our bathroom

or whatever, people didn't use to weigh themselves.

And I know it's not a causal relationship that you can

define, but there's a lot of things that people didn't use

to do that we think, oh, it's necessary now, like weigh

yourself or have an app tell you what to do.

And people used to be a lot thinner,

and I'm old enough to remember that.

And so all the people that are heavier now, a

large majority of them are heavier because diet culture has

trained them to disconnect from hunger and satiety.

And I'm going to tell you a quick story

from yesterday, and I put this on TikTok.

Come over to TikTok. It's fun.

Anyway, so I was going out to dinner, and I

did a quick video saying, I'm going out to dinner

in an hour and a half or whatever.

And I'm hungry now.

And as a dietary, I would have said, okay, just

wait till dinner and just try to eat 500 calories. Okay?

No, I ate. Doesn't matter.

I ate a little food right then when I

was hungry, when I was distracted by food, when

the thought of food made my mouth water, when

my body was just going, Where's the food?

You get to know your body, how that feels.

And then an hour and a half later, we

went out to dinner, and I still had some

hunger because I didn't eat too much.

I didn't want to kill my hunger.

I just wanted to calm it down, which is how

you that's how you learn to work your hunger.

Like, I still wanted to be hungry at dinner.

I just didn't want to be hungry.

So we got to dinner and we ordered an appetizer.

It happened to be enormous and fabulous.

So I eat a lot of that, and I felt great.

But I'd already ordered dinner, not

knowing how enormous this appetizer was.

And I brought the whole meal home.

And I know because I was with

people, I didn't really know that.

Well, I know they were like, that is weird. I know.

But you know what?

I don't care.

I refuse to eat without hunger because eating

without hunger is zero pleasure zero for me

as a developed intuitive eater and you will

get here give yourself a chance where eating

without hunger is absolutely something you dismiss easily.

So when the food came, the dinner part came and

it was really looked great and I brought it home.

I'm so excited that it's down in my refrigerator right

now and whenever I want today I can eat that.

Actually, my mouth is fluttering right now thinking

about it because I'm a little bit hungry.

So it's a beautiful thing to understand that the food that

you were served or you make at home is yours.

You can have it all, just not all at once.

Wait for hunger, my friends.

This is a much better way to live.

You can do this, okay? Yes, you can.

Don't let the diet industry and the diet culture convince you

that in order to lose weight you have to diet.

No, in order to lose weight you have to not diet. Okay?

Stick with me again.

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So if you don't see activity in it, that's not it.

Or if you don't get accepted into

it, it's because it doesn't exist.

So anyway, okay, it's great to be here

with you guys and thank you for listening.

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it's great to be with you.

I'll be back soon. You can do this.

Don't let anyone tell you. You can't. You can't.

This is normal. I'll talk to you soon.