No big surprise, weight loss comes when you eat less.

But how do you know how much to eat?

Well, different people have different metabolisms, different food needs, different ancestors, different personal histories etc.


So how can I learn how much food is right for me?

When you feel awful and bloated after eating a bunch of bread, that is a sign from your body, right? Remember that

When you feel great after a  certain kind of meal- energized and focused, remember that!  That combination was good for you, right?

When you eat right when you wake up, you actually feel more tired, then remember that.

It is all about paying attention to how your body is guiding you, and believe me it is.  But if you are too busy to pay attention, how will you ever learn to nourish yourself the best?  And how will you know when you have had enough.

Believe me friends, when you start taking notice of how your body  feels instead of the app on your wrist, you will gain such better knowledge.  That app is not specific to you.  Do they say personalized?  That is a marketing term and not true.  

There is no way an app knows you and can direct you as well as your own body.

So focus your attention on the concept of eating with hunger and delaying eating more until hunger comes back. Period.

Some people may eat, if we counted, 2500 calories a day and lose weight. Some eat 1800 and don't. It doesn't matter, honestly, you know why?

Because when you link hunger to eating, your food life is fantastic.

It is not about being able to eat more or to eat less. It is not about wishing for anything. It is you accepting the beautiful body you were given, for all its wonders and imperfections, and saying to yourself- this is the body I have. I will listen to it. It doesn't matter what anyone else does.

And when I can always eat whenever I am hungry, and remember how incredibly fortunate we are that we have food,  my weight will reflect how beautifully I have learned to connect eating with hunger.

It is a pure joy. It is amazing. Value your hunger. Spend your hunger, not calories. You will get the hang of this. This is normal and we were simply trained out of it....!❤