Thinking About Food All The Time?

Pink Elephants.

Now, try not to think of pink elephants.  Of course that makes you think about pink elephants, right?

That is what dieting does to you and food.  Instead of taking the focus off of food and eating and learning to eat normally, in response to hunger, dieting makes you think about food all the time.

And dieting makes you think about your weight all the time.

The result is a completely perverted relationship with food, eating, and your body.

A thin mentality replaces your angst-ridden diet mentality with peace.

So the next time you are assaulted with a diet or healthy lifestyle (aka diet) ad, remember that you don’t need all this “help.”  As a matter of fact, this “help” hinders your ability to get, and stay at your ideal weight.

Say to yourself, “I was born with the instinct to eat the food my body needs.  Dieting destroyed my ability to hear or trust that instinct, but I can get it back.”

And remember that to build your thin mentality, you need to reinforce the wisdom of rejecting your diet mentality every day.  Why?  Because you receive hundreds of messages every week telling you to diet.

Be too smart for that.