Thin People Versus Dieters- Who Uses What

When I went on my first diet,  my goal was to diet, lose 10 pounds, and then stop dieting.

But that is not what happens.

You diet, you lose 10 pounds, you stop dieting and the weight comes back.  So what do you do?  You diet again, lose weight, then it comes back again.  Then you diet and lose weight and you gain it back again.

I did this for decades.

Now that I am a naturally thin, diet free, happy eater with a Healthy Thin Mentality I realize how different being a dieter and having a healthy Thin Mentality are.

Do you?

Do the following sentences apply to a dieter or a healthy Thin Mentality eater.

  1. You lose weight and your weight remains stable for decades
  2. You devote time every day to evaluating your food choices
  3. You weigh yourself to see if you are doing okay
  4. You eat foods based on how they make your body feel.
  5. You limit social activity so you can be sure you have proper food.
  6. You don’t weigh yourself, or you weigh yourself just occasionally.
  7. You have a closet full of clothes that fit.
  8. Getting dressed in the morning is a pleasure, not frustrating.
  9. You are influenced by others when you are deciding what to eat.
  10. You eat when you are hungry, and delay eating anymore until hunger returns
  11. You eat breakfast because you are trying to avoid being hungry.
  12. You love being hungry because then you can have the extreme pleasure of eating something you love,
  13. You use little chemical packets containing “who knows what” to sweeten your coffee instead of a little sugar because you think that those packets are more healthful than one or two 16 calorie pack of sugar in your coffee.

Key:  Healthy Thin Mentality:  1,4,6,7,8,10,12.

No change I have ever made in my life has made a more positive impact on me than learning the value of my own body and its wisdom.  I want that for every single one of you who reads this, it is that good.  Let me know how I can help you do this.

I am always looking for more ways to spread the sanity of a life without diets, and a life that is fully rooted in the amazing pleasure of food and eating.  Suggestions welcome.