Thin Mentality Quiz Question Explained

I hope your thin mentality is coming along!  Here is the second answer to the thin mentality quiz explained.

Here was the question:

2.  If you are eating something and you realize it is not “hitting the spot,” what is the Thin Mentality thing to do?

  • a.  Just eat it anyway, another meal is around the corner
  • b. Stop eating it and if at all possible, get something that does hit the spot.
  • c. Stop eating it and just stay hungry.

The answer is B.

Here is why:

Anytime you don’t take care of your hunger with respect to what your body is asking for, you undermine your progress toward establishing a thin mentality.

Remember, food for thin mentality people is a joy, not  a punishment, and what you eat is based on you, not a book, a diet list, or Dr. Oz.   And I need to remind you that you will crave nutritious food as well as cake.  That is life, that is normal, that is good.

So establish the habit of being very picky and respectful of what your body is telling you.

For example,  if I get up late and am meeting someone for a meal and they want to go to lunch because it is already 11:30, I try to find a place that has breakfast food too.  Because, for example on weekends, if I  got up at 9:30 and just had some coffee, I am not in the mood for lunch at 11:30.  I am in the mood for breakfast.  And being “in the mood” for a food counts as important!  It is part of the joy of eating.

And I respect my moods and I believe that my body has important messages for me.  Maybe I crave breakfast because breakfast food is generally sweeter, for me, and I need that sweetness and calories to start my day.   I just know that if I say yes to eating lunch when I want breakfast, I will start my day on a less than fantastic food note.

No, it is not always possible to take care of your hunger like this.  Life gets in the way.  But, in general, if you value what you crave and try to respect that craving, your thin mentality will take off.

Of course the flip side of this fantastic freedom and joy is that you must also establish the habit of STOPPING when hunger is quiet.  Of course this is respecting your body’s voice as well.

But when you CAN eat whenever you are hungry, you will begin to see that the pleasure of eating without hunger pales in comparison.  Just say to yourself, yes I can have more food whenever my body gives me a signal to eat.

So the next time you want an omlette and hash browns and you are at a burger joint, remember it is worth it to wait (unless you are in stage 3 hunger) to get what you truly want.  I have absolutely done that– been at a restaurant and just had coffee, left my friends and gone and had the breakfast I was craving.  No not always possible, but when it is, you feel calm, taken care of and your thin mentality strengthens.

Value your hunger.  Value your cravings. Respect your body’s voice.

Have a great evening.