Thin Mentality Quiz

If you have been trying to build a thin mentality, take this quiz and see how you are doing- five quick questions!

1.  As a thin mentality person you wait until you are really, really hungry, and you can’t think of anything else before you eat.

 True or False

2.  If you are eating something and you realize it is not “hitting the spot,” what is the Thin Mentality thing to do?

  • a.  Just eat it anyway, another meal is around the corner
  • b. Stop eating it and if at all possible, get something that does hit the spot.
  • c. Stop eating it and just stay hungry.

3.  If you are worried that you won’t  be able to eat later when you are hungry, what is the thin mentality thing to do?

  • a.  Realize that it would be smart to pack a little something to take the edge off your hunger until you can get something that you really want and need for your next meal
  • b. Just realize that sometimes you must suffer.
  • c.  Avoid this siutation

4.  Whenever possible, try to convince others who are on a diet and losing weight that they should stop.

True or False

5.  If you want french fries, try having a baked potato first to see if that satisfies you.

True or False

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Answers:  FBAFF How did you do?  Question?  Scroll down and use the comment board and I will answer!