Thin Mentality Eating Examples

I was at an airport today, craving something sweet and moist.  I went to Starbucks and there was this berry coffee cake thing in the little display case.  It looked great- sweet, and moist, and I ordered it and a water and went to my gate to enjoy it.

At the gate, I ran into an acquaintance­­­­­ who knows that I do this website.

She herself is a yo-yo dieter, getting heavier every year…

She looked at my coffee cake and said,  “Oh that is that low fat Starbucks cake.  I thought you didn’t worry about eating low fat?’”

She is missing the point.

Just as I wouldn’t reject a food just because it was high fat, I don’t reject food just because it is low fat either.  If I did, that would be a diet mentality.

I simply eat based on what  “feels” like the right thing to satiate me at that moment.    And looking at that nicely decorated display case at Starbucks, the coffee cake seemed just right.  I saw the little “reduced fat” sign, it is highlighted because Starbucks, of course, thinks that is a selling point.

To me, a person with a thin mentality, the low fat designation was irrelevant.

I simply saw a food that my body said “yes” to and ate it.

I have no idea why I was craving it.   And I don’t care.

Perhaps because I did a lot of walking in the city the day before, I needed something high in calories??  Again, does it matter?  I will never get fat eating what my body is asking me to provide when I am hungry.

The night before, by the way, I was out to dinner where everyone was ordering hamburgers.    Frequently, I crave hamburgers.  But, I didn’t that night.  I wanted a cold crunchy salad with no meat at all.    And my thin mentality didn’t judge that either.  I was not being good, or bad.

Do you see a theme here?

When you develop your thin mentality, eating something you crave “feels” right.  It is harmonious.  It is comfortable.  It isn’t a battle.  It isn’t deprivation.  It isn’t being good or bad.  It is being normal!

And how do you know when your craving is satisfied and you aren’t hungry anymore?

Notice the point of  “diminishing returns.”

At first, when you are hungry for something and eat it, it is soooo good.  It is delightful.  Enjoy it!  But as you continue eating, the deliciousness will decrease.  Your body isn’t sending you the signal of delight anymore because you have answered the call.

Think of it like you would when you scratch an itch.  Do you keep scratching after the itch is gone?  No!  That wouldn’t be fun, would it??

It is the same with eating.  When the “itch” (being hungr) is gone, stop scratching (eating)! When you are itchy again, you can scratch away.

Hah!  Kind of funny how we have turned a normal, enjoyable biological function into something that requires a whole diet industry to “help” us.

Again, follow the money.   When some company figures out how to make money convincing you that you need help knowing when to scratch your itch, that industry will take off too!

Remember,  eating when you are already satiated is mediocre at best.  Eating when hungry is extremely enjoyable.  Look forward to it.  Wait for it.