Thin Mentality And Exercise And Why I Want To Help You

Folks, we all know that there is no trick to losing weight.  In order to make your body use your stored calories (fat) you must eat less, right?  And in order for this weight loss to be permanent, the weight loss must be non-traumatic to your body and your emotions.  By that I mean that it needs to be slow enough that your body doesn’t go into famine mode.

The difference between eating less with your thin mentality versus eating less by dieting is huge.  When your thin mentality guides you to food, you feel calm, in control, non-obsessed, and eating is an enjoyable experience.  Over time you simply get better and better at matching hunger with eating.  And since you can eat whenever you are hungry and you can eat whatever you crave, again, eating is normalized.  Dieting promotes abnormal eating, ignoring your body and a perverted relationship with food.

If you are saying, “Well, Meg isn’t a scientist or a doctor, so she just can’t make these claims,” I understand your point of view.  I love science and respect research.  But in this field, the field of weight loss, science has not given us the answer.

And since I have embraced a very reasonable, logical and harmonious way to stop dieting and get and stay at my ideal weight, I simply want to share this with you.  Why?  Because I truly believe that if you took the amount of angst that dieting has caused world wide, it would be enormous.

And that makes me so sad.  And mad.  Because the reason diet mentalities are so strong is that the diet industry constantly reinforces them.

So as you are on this site and evaluating what I am saying, please understand where I am coming from.  I am doing the very best I can to help free you from your diet mentality.

I am using my decades of personal experience as a dieter, my professional experience as a Nutrisystem Manager, and as a fitness instructor, to help guide you.

I am always open to feedback and questions and love to hear from you.

In addition, I am working on more ways to connect with you including a live “broadcast” two times a week.  My goal with this is to provide real time encouragement and perspectives on developing your thin mentality while leading you in some very effective, safe, and enjoyable body toning.  My focus during these sessions will be to show you what kind of exercise has helped me the most over the years.  In addition, I want to give you a “pep” talk  to help you stay fully committed to your thin mentality.  These sessions will be fun, informal, and serve as a good catalyst to help you understand how exercise and your thin mentality go together.

Stay tuned for more, and offer any feedback you have- I would love to hear.  Thanks