How to Handle Comments on What You Are Eating

As you set out to reestablish a healthy relationship with food and eating, and get thin once and for all, do not underestimate the objections you will run into.  Well meaning people think that dieting and restrictions are the only way.  They will shake their heads when you select a cookie from the buffet.

I respect these people because I know that their motives are good.  But having good motives can’t change that dieting causes misery, weight gain, and food obsessions.

Once you get your weight to a good place, it is easier to handle these looks because you can say, “Hey, look at me, I am fine.”

But if you are heavy, it is harder to eat in response to hunger with confidence in front of others.  Your spouse, your mother, your friends may, in an effort to help you, tell you that it cannot possibly be good to eat a cookie.

That is why I built this site, blog, and post on Facebook.  You need an ally in this. Check in often to stay strong.  

Get energy and confidence from other peoples’ comments and posts.  And for those of you who are having good experiences building your healthy thin mentality, please share because words from you mean more than words from me.

It is good to have a few key phrases you say to yourself to handle comments, or looks or pro-diet propaganda-  (I honestly don’t think propaganda is too strong a word!)

Here are a couple of phrases:

I can eat it all, just not all at once.
If diets worked we would all be thin- (including the people who are shaking their heads!)
My body is smarter than any diet expert.
Delay eating, don’t deny.
Eating a cookie when I am hungry for something sweet is reasonable
Eating three bowls green beans when I am hungry for something sweet is not.

It takes perseverance, strength, and faith in yourself that you can be one of the people who can look at the diet culture we live in, and reject it in favor of a calm, reasonable, biology driven eating.

But this is still easier than dieting for the rest of your life.  And more fun. And permanent. And smarter.