There Is No Such Thing As Fattening Food

Some foods are more calorie dense than others, yes that is true.

But guess what?

A thin person (not a dieter,) notices that rich food fills them up very quickly.  They enjoy it, are satisfied it, and stop eating.

Does that sound unbelievable to you?

That is because you have a diet mentality getting in the way.

Mother Nature has it all worked out for us.  You eat something high in calories, and you need less of it to be satiated.  You eat something like a salad, and it temporarily fills you up, but because it is low in calories, you get hungry again soon and need to eat more.

How wonderful that we have this great internal monitor to help us know when we need to eat more- hunger!

And yes, you need to learn how to recognize true hunger from boredom hunger, habit hunger, psychological hunger bla bla bla.

You CAN.  It isn’t as hard as you think.

It just seems hard now because you have trained yourself to eat when you aren’t hungry (according to some ridiculous diet plan) and to not eat when you are very hungry.

Please give yourself a chance to enjoy a life in harmony with your instinct to eat and your instinct NOT to eat.

As you are developing your ability to do this, just remember one “rule:”  Eat when you are hungry only.

It is a completely different world than the food/diet obsessed one you are used to.  I know you have doubts.  I did too.  I just got so so so so sick of dieting that I couldn’t do it anymore.  I am so glad that I got to that place and was willing to try listening to myself.

My goal is to share it with you.  I was 40 when I finally figured it out.  I want you to figure it out earlier if possible.  If you already over 40, please learn from my experience.  It is not too late.