The Truth About Before & After Photos

The image with this post cost me $9.  

Any diet company can buy photos, testimonials, and pay actors.

They all do.

And if someone publishes a real photo of someone who lost weight on a diet, 99% of the time, that snapshot in time is followed by weight gain.


Stop believing those glossy photos.  And stop letting images of strangers derail your progress here.  

The only one who can build your Healthy Thin Mentality is YOU.  And part of your job as you do this is to protect yourself from the barrage of misinformation, misleading photos and downright lies perpetuated by Noom, well-meaning docs, and your friend, the nutritionist.  

If this stuff worked, you wouldn't be struggling with your weight for years, or decades as I did.

There is no perfect eating.  There is no magic.  There is no diet that will finally win you the body you want.  Stop being distracted by the carnival barkers and focus on what you know is true:

When you eat with hunger, and delay eating more until hunger returns, you eat less.  And that is where your happy weight is: connected with your instinct to eat, and to not eat.