The Pizza Machine Is Not Going To Hurt You

Or for goodness sake…

Martin Bashir (MSNBC commentator) going off about how “dangerous” the new fresh pizza machines are.

A smart (?) man like him falling victim to the diet industry.  I can relate, of course, because I used to be that person- the righteous dieter, who knew every calorie in every food and how to combine foods for the best nutrition, fiber, bla bla bla

Well, I got wise, and I hope you are on your way.

Martin is not.

He was outraged that a company would seek to supply offices with freshly made pizza machines.  OMG!!!

There is nothing wrong with this pizza.  It is probably very similar to other frozen pizza that we all eat.  He just was so incensed, he was really quite vitriolic, about how this temptation would be such a cross for us to bare.

Here is the thing:

If you live you life as a dieter, you will, indeed, be afraid of food.  You will work your butt off at the gym, go to the grocery store and buy perfect meals.  You will forgo food that you love and you will occasionally meet your goal weight and then bounce back up, or you will never meet your goal weight.

But you will always, always, always be afraid of gaining weight.  You will avoid a certain route so that you don’t have to walk by your favorite cookie at the bakery.  You will skip a party because the food will be fantastic.  And you will binge…

Is that how you want to live?  And has it made you comfortably thin?

Learn how to behave as a thin person, with a thin mentality if you want to be thin AND enjoy food (and your life, by the way.)

Martin is afraid of pizza because he probably is afraid he won’t resist the temptation of the smell of pizza wafting down the halls.

But, this is how I, a thin mentality person, would handle this.

I would be very excited that my office was introducing a new food for us to enjoy.  When it was delivered, if I was hungry, I would try it.  I would eat until I wasn’t hungry, and then I would stop. I would discover whether or not I liked it and then I would MOVE ON with my day.

I would not fear the machine, I would not love the machine.  I would just be happy that if I was hungry for pizza on a given day, that I would be able to enjoy it.  That is it.


Remember that more on this is available in a book that I wrote–  I don’t want to be “sales-y” but I did write it to try to help you get your thin mentality cookin’!.