The Ole “Drink More Water” Trick

You need to drink more water…???!!!

When I worked for Nutrisystem, they told me to tell people to drink more water if they weren’t losing weight.

It was an easy thing to say, wasn’t “dangerous” and gave people something tangible to do to try to speed up weight loss.

The problem was that it was a bunch of “you-know-what.”  I am so sorry I went along with that.

Dehydration is definitely not good for you, but pushing water when your body isn’t thirsty is not necessary or beneficial to weight loss.  There is plenty of science on that.  Just google it.

Bottom line- drink when you are thirsty, eat when hungry.  Mother Nature did figure things out nicely for us!!

And the diet industry is simply preying on our desire to find a quick fix or one-liner that will speed our weight loss.  And they charge us for it!! Geez!