The Golden Rule

Yes you will gain weight if you eat whatever you crave without following the golden rule: Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are no longer hungry (notice, not “full”)

And I think that trigger foods are frequently as much psychological as anything- “well I already had a cookie and blew it, I might as well eat 5 more.”

I know I used to think I had an issue with sugar- that is because whenever I ate sugar, it was in a large quantity because I had already “blown it.” Now, I eat sugar, in amounts that are very reasonable, not because I am “good” or have “willpower” but because since I am free, I am not obsessed and I can and do listen to my craving, answer it,  and then move on to more important issues in my life.

The only rules I follow are like this- when I drink two cups of caffeine, I feel shaky, so I don’t. My rules are self made rules in response to my biology.

So if you have true problems with certain foods, a thin mentality promotes you noticing that, learning about yourself, your unique body, and making adjustments in what you consume based on that. This self direction is freeing and wonderful and in response to your unique body- not a food rule imposed by a profit driven industry that wants you to feel crippled so you need to spend money on supplements, special foods and advice.