The Fun Part- Learning What You Really Like

You have been told your whole life that you can’t trust your body to guide your food choices.  You probably think that if you were given free reign, you would eat junk all day. You believe this  because of your diet mentality.

But once you free yourself from your diet mentality, you see food in an entirely different light.

When I used to go “off” my diet, I would eat twinkies or whatever junk food I had around the house.  I thought I loved all that stuff.

Now, I would never ‘waste” my hunger on something like that.  When I am hungry for something sweet and wonderful, I go get it.  I don’t quickly pop some packaged, over processed kids food in my mouth.

Thin people are picky about what they eat.  They feel entitled to eat delicious food when they are hungry for it.  They don’t sneak off and grab something and shove it down.  They “own” that they want to eat something sweet and then they take care to get something that will deliciously satisfy them.

As you ditch your diet mentality and learn to think and behave like a thin person, you will be surprised how enjoyable it is to discover your true food preferences.

I used to think I loved diet coke, steamed carrots, and tilapia.  Yuck, Yuck and yuck.  I also thought I liked kid style junk food.  I don’t.  Now that I can have whatever I want, I am picky.

That old adage, “the forbidden fruit is so much sweeter” is so true.

Take away the “good” food and “bad” food mentality and it all becomes neutral.  The formerly “bad” food becomes powerless.  You can take a look at your food choices and really listen to what your body needs and is craving.  And, again, believe it or not, you will crave all kinds of food, including vegetables, meat, fruit, desserts, etc.

Your food preferences part of you. Enjoy learning what you truly like.