The Difference Between “Full” And The “Neutral Zone”

Please notice that I never say eat until “full.”

Feeling full is too much.

Your goal is to wait until you are distracted from your life by a persistent hunger.  And then, eat enough to get you in a “neutral zone.”

That neutral zone is where you aren’t hungry and you aren’t full.

If you want to be a naturally thin person, this is where you stop.  Do you feel deprived?  No! Deprivation is dieting and not being “allowed”  to eat when you were hungry.  That is serious stuff.   We underestimate the negative  effect that unanswered hunger has on our bodies, and minds.  It messes us up.  I avoid unanswered hunger at all costs.  (And by the way, I feel lucky food is available to me- yes, we are lucky.)

I avoid fullness at all costs too.  Why? Because it feels bad.  Overloaded.   Sluggish.

Skip along in that wonderful neutral zone, where you get hungry and then eat enough to feel good.  Then wait for your hunger to return.  Then eat.

I promise, when you get into a nice rhythm with this, you will be so comfortable, confident and enjoy a life that includes the pleasure of  food you love.  You will have ZERO  motivation to binge or eat old nasty cookies you found in your holiday closet.  Ha! Yes, I did!  (thankfully, a long time ago)

Happy, relaxed, no big war going on inside you body, or your mind, over food.  Oh boy.  I want that for everyone.