The Biggest Loser Sends Terrible Message

I feel a rant coming on.

Sunday night, I hop into my cozy bed with my remote and land on The Biggest Loser.  How awful.  Before I could turn away, I saw a family getting counseling by some TV doctor throwing a whole bunch of “bad” food in the trash.

That is the worst thing you can do.  Seeing food you bought being thrown out may feel momentarily cleansing.  But life is not like this.  You cannot cleanse the world of “temptation.”

It would be so much more helpful for these people to learn that food has no power over them.  This purging of food  reinforces the “scary” food syndrome.  It gives the food power over you.

Healthy thin mentality people wouldn’t dream of throwing food away like that.  It would seem incredibly wasteful and irresponsible.  Most of that food looked like it would last in their pantry for months.  It would have been very reasonable to keep that food, and learn how to respond to their cravings for it in an appropriate way, when true hunger existed.

And by the way, so ironic that the blond host of the show did a little “green” commercial spot during the show.

There is nothing less green than throwing away food.

This is why I give money to Heifer International for each book I sell.  We need to understand that we are lucky to have food available to us.  We need to appreciate and enjoy it and savor it and applaud it and not THROW IT OUT!!