The Big Bad Oreo

Did you hear the news about Oreos being as addictive as cocaine.

This is just another in a long line of inflammatory “news flashes” that make us fear food instead of appreciating it.

Turn the message around.  Think how fantastic it is that something as readily available as an Oreo cookie can provide you with that much pleasure.  It is a wonderful part of our human experience, eating an Oreo.

And when you have rejected that debilitating diet mentality for a healthy thin mentality, you will never fear cookies again.  You won’t dream of equating a delicious cookie to a” brain-fryer” like cocaine.

It is a silly comparison.

I don’t care what the scientists say- I am using common sense.  An Oreo and cocaine are not equivalent.  Oreos can be enjoyed in appropriate amounts with no downside.

But the headline for this story garnered lots of press and made people feel like they have no power over the big bad Oreo.

Yes you do!  Ditch that diet mentality that makes you feel like a victim to circumstance and build your healthy thin mentality.  You will rejoin the world of guilt free eating and appreciation of the incredible bounty we have.

And you will calmly, without payback, eat less and get back to your ideal weight range.  And, by the way, you will eat less when you tap into your hunger, but you will enjoy it way more, and feel powerful instead of weak.