Exercise is something you do to take care of your body.  Do not associate it with weight loss.  Why?

Because exercise ignites hunger.  And that is fine.  But it is a zero sum gain for weight loss because with that hunger, you will want more food.  And with a naturally thin, healthy thin mentality approach to food and eating, you eat when you are hungry.  So exercising more does not make you lose weight.

And, although truly vigorous exercise may be good for some health benefits, use caution because it can also make you tired.  And everything in your life is harder when you are tired.  Especially building your healthy thin mentality.

And that is not what you want.

You want to be calmly taking care of your body by exercising moderately without using that exercise as an excuse to eat more.  Nope!

So what exercise is the best for weight loss?  Simple:

Push away from the table when hunger is quiet.

Yes.  Instead of promising yourself that you will work out hard the next day to make up for this cake, ask yourself:  Am I hungry?  And if you are, are you hungry for cake.  If yes, then eat it.  If not, delay until hunger blooms, and then eat what your body is craving whether it is zucchini, chips, cake or chicken.

This is what healthy thin mentality eating is.  

And most importantly, this is You for the rest of your life. 

It is not a fad, a gimmick or a cliche. 

It is You, eating with hunger, working out because it feels good to your body, and understanding that weight loss happens when you ride that neutral wave when hunger is absent and you ride that feeling until hunger finds you.  And it will.