Thanksgiving Without Regrets

9 ways to enjoy Thanksgiving, including pie!!  without overeating and without gaining weight

  1. Read a blog or part of my books or workbooks to strengthen your commitment eating when hungry, and not eating when not hungry
  2. Make no judgments on what anyone else is eating.  It is not your business.
  3. If someone judges what you are eating, dismiss their comments from your mind- don’t argue.
  4. Eat the foods you like the best first.
  5. As soon as you feel that “push back” from your body that says, “Hey I have had enough,” stop eating.
  6. When you feel disappointed that you didn’t eat as much food as you usually do, remember this important clarification:  You can eat it all, just not all at once.  Maybe an hour later you are hungry again- eat!  Maybe you have a wonderful breakfast of leftovers.
  7. Understand that love expressed through food is lovely.  So when someone pressures you to try their creation, all you need is to take a taste and really cherish it and tell them how are going to package it up so carefully so you can enjoy all week.
  8. If you are new at developing your healthy thin mentality, make sure you give your body time to signal you that you have had enough.  Many healthy thin mentality eaters do eat fast, like me!” but over the years I have become very tuned into what amount of food does it for me so I don’t need to slow down.
  9. If Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie, make sure that by dessert-time you still have hunger left, or give yourself a 2-4 hours to have hunger come back, or go ahead and eat it as your first course– if your host wouldn’t be mad!

So just keep theses gentle little thoughts in your head.  You will realize that that sick over full filling is so awful.  Don’t do that to yourself this year.  That success will give you pride and confidence.

20 Years into my Healthy Thin Mentality I promise you Thanksgiving is great, I enjoy food tremendously and I never get that sick over-full feeling.