Take This Quick Thin Mentality Quiz!

See how you do on this little 5 question “test” of diet mentality versus “thin mentality!”

1.  You wake up and are not hungry, so you don’t eat.  But you know that food won’t be available when you are at a meeting later this morning.  What do you do?

  • a.  Just eat anyway, it won’t taste that good because you aren’t hungry, but you really should eat.
  • b. Bring a small portable snack in your purse or briefcase and find a moment or two to eat it when your hunger starts distracting you.
  • c. Don’t eat and just suffer through the hunger when it hits you.

2.  Your best friend made a delicious cake for you for your birthday.  She clearly worked really hard on it, and now she has put a piece on the plate in front of you.  What do you do?

  • a.  Just tell her that there is no way you are going to eat that cake.  You are not hungry and you just aren’t going to sacrifice your thin mentality to be courteous by eating it.
  • b.  You take a couple of bites and rave about how good it is and how much you appreciate it.  You ask if you can take the rest home and enjoy it later.  You give her a big hug and tell her every time you take a bite you will remember what a good friend she is.  Then you take the cake home, enjoy it with your family, freeze some for later if you don’t think you will eat is so you won’t waste it.  And you are thankful that you have a great friend.
  • c.  You eat the piece she gave you.  It looks so good and you don’t want to hurt her feelings.

3.  You worked out three days in a row and feel really good about that.  When you go out to dinner that night you are really hungry.  What do you do?

  • a.  Realize that working out does make you hungrier!  You simply pay attention to both your hunger and satiety signals.  You may end up eating a little more than usual because you have been so active, but you still rely on your body to guide you.  Instead of saying to yourself, “I worked out a lot and should eat more,” you say, “Wow, working out made me a bit hungrier, so I will enjoy some more food until my hunger is quiet.”
  • b.  You order more food because you know that you burned a lot of calories over the past few days and you deserve to eat more.
  • c.  You are worried about eating more than usual so you ignore your hunger and just try to get by with the least food possible.

4.  You have a Christmas Party tonight and you are still at home and are already really hungry.  What do you do?

  • a.  Just stay hungry and go to the party and try to eat foods that aren’t too fattening.
  • b.  Eat a meal now and then go to the party.
  • c.  Have a small snack, just enough to take the edge off, and then go the party and enjoy the beautiful special food when your hunger starts distracting you again.  And when your hunger is calm, delay eating anymore until hungry again.

5.  You are visiting with your family and are hungry and craving a baked potato with butter and sour cream and salt and pepper.  You make yourself a nice plate and sit down to eat it in front of your family.  You get some looks of disappointment from your Mom who mutters that the potato would be better for you without all that butter and sour cream.  What do you do?

a.  Realize that your mom has a diet mentality and that she thinks she is helping you.  Just smile and tell her thanks for caring and keep eating your potato with butter and sour cream until you are not hungry anymore. (Which is different than being full!)  And you think to yourself that once you thin mentality is really strong, you will share your “journey” with her because she would be happier with a thin mentality too.

b.  You try to explain to your Mother what you are trying to do.  When she starts talking about nutrition and fat you do your best to explain.  When the whole family starts saying how ridiculous it is to eat butter if you are trying to lose weight, you just keep trying to explain.

c.  You scrape off the butter and sour cream and do your best to please your mother.


Okay, how did you do?  Answers:  1b, 2b, 3a, 4c, 5a.

No matter how you did, remember that replacing your diet mentality with a thin mentality is a process.  It goes against a lot of what you hear and see.  That is okay though!  Just come back here for support and you will eventually understand the wisdom of this.  Your body and soul both will thank you!