Sugar Isn’t Poison. Stressing Over Food Is

Do not let anyone tell you that sugar is poison.  Sugar is a beautiful part of life.  People fought wars over sugar.

But I used to think it was “bad” too.  I fell prey to the “good” food “bad” food diet mentality that left me food obsessed.  I wouldn’t buy anything sweet and delicious.  I would pick apart a menu so that I would get the most healthful food possible.  If I went to a party, I ate before hand so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat something “bad.”

And I thought I couldn’t handle sugar because I felt bad after I ate it.  Do you know why?  Because whenever I ate sugar I ate too much because I was “off the wagon” so to speak.  I didn’t realize that if I routinely, as part of a delicious well balanced eating, I could enjoy sugar.  I didn’t realize I could trust my body to lead me to reasonable amounts of food and to a diet that included a wide variety of foods.

Does this sound familiar?  Do you do these kinds of things?

Well, let me help you get out of that terrible cycle.

Give yourself to permission to eat whatever you crave when you are hungry.  Yes, whatever you crave.  Don’t look at calorie counts.  Don’t over analyze the ingredients.  Listen to your body for clues as to what would be most satisfying. No, you won’t be great at this at first, you have been trained out of this very normal behavior.  But be patient, the payoff for understanding this is huge.

Over time, here are just of few of the lessons you will learn:

When you eat what you crave, you will crave a wide variety of foods, not just cookies!

When you give yourself permission to eat anything you crave, including desserts, the power of those foods over you goes away.

When you eat when you are hungry and stop when hunger is quiet, you will reconnect eating with hunger and that is how you lose weight.

Eating when you aren’t hungry, no matter healthful the food, will make you gain weight.

Not eating when you ARE hungry will backfire on you and make you overeat later.

I am advocating normal eating behavior.  I am advocating the enjoyment of food, all kinds of foods, instead of the demonization of foods depending on the latest fad diet.

Your life will be less stressed, you will enjoy food more, and you will lose weight.