Dieting Makes You Gain, Not Lose

If I had a dollar for every time someone said they wish they were the weight they were when they went on their first diet...

That is because the media, your boyfriend, your parents, your wife, your friends, the internet and even your doctor believe the myth that diets make you lose weight.  Well, it really isn't a myth.  Diets do make you lose weight. 

But,  that is not the whole story.  Diets make you lose weight.  But the true "after" picture is what I call the "After, After" picture. 


So why do people still believe in diets?  The answer is money.

The diet industry makes money off of your belief in its efficacy.  So they pump billions of dollars into market research to discover the words that will ignite this year's diet crop.  As I write this,  the key phrase is "personalized weight loss."  What a joke. 

And so you try again, and again, and again.  And then you blame yourself for gaining it back.

But of course you do!  Because your body is wired to hold onto weight by lowering your metabolism after periods of famine- aka dieting. 

Yes, your body works very hard to make you gain that weight back, sending you uncontrollable food cravings.  You eat food you don't even like! 

One of my most poignant diet memories is when I sat eating fruit cake on the floor of my kitchen after being "so good" at a holiday party after a month of dieting.  I gorged on it, and, I HATE fruit cake!

If these kinds of things resonate with you, stick with us here at Diets Are Fattening.  Learn how to escape the tyranny and sadness of a diet mentality and embrace the true beauty of food, eating, and being in tune with that awesome body of yours.  Yes, it is, even if you feel heavy, it is awesome and is waiting for you to start this journey back to normal, healthy thin eating.

You CAN do this!