STEP #1- Stop dieting. STEP #2 - WHAT DO I DO NOW?

I get it!

When you stop dieting because you realize that if dieting worked you would already be thin, you may find yourself thinking, "Now What?"

That is why we have the resources here, so you have guidance to make this transition.  And the enormity of that transition should not be underestimated.

The way you think about food, eating, weight loss, and weight gain needs to EVOLVE. And that can only happen if your diet mentality DISSOLVES.

As it dissolves, replace, it bit by bit, day by day, with HTM thinking.

Please don't just stop dieting and leave a void!

Have the HTM thoughts ready to go, and ready to be happily reinforced by you.

Friends this is what our Online Course, and workbook/book are all about.  

You need to take the time and energy to not just say no to diets, you need to learn how to say YES to yourself.

As in:

Yes, I will feed my body when it is hungry.

Yes, when my hunger is quiet I will delay eating.

Yes, when my body craves carbs, I will eat them.

Yes, when my body craves greens, I will eat them.

Yes, when my body craves a tall glass of water, I will have that.

Yes, when my body craves sleep, I will sleep and not eat instead.

Friends, live in this place of power, instead of a world where diet companies, apps and gurus treat you like a kindergartner.