Serving Sizes Are Just Suggestions

Let’s say you are eating a granola bar.  It is the middle of the afternoon and you have been busy so you just had to grab something quick to satisfy your hunger.  After you eat one, you just aren’t in “neutral” yet.  You still need a little something.  So, you open another granola bar that you keep in your car for just such instances.

Now, here is where you need to remember to keep checking in with your hunger.  Just because you needed more than one, doesn’t need you mean two, just because that is how they are packaged.  Right?  Tell yourself that of course you can eat until you aren’t hungry anymore.  But that you will keep checking in to see if you could  be ready to stop eating before you are through that second granola bar.

Just keep this kind of mindful eating in mind.  It isn’t a test.  It is practice forming a habit that will serve you well.  Again, just because the serving sizes are a certain size does not mean that those sizes work for you.  You may need 1 1/2 of a bar.  You may need 2 1/4.  You may need 3.  Who the heck knows?

Actually, there is someone who knows.  It is YOU.  Give your body a chance to talk to you to give you the guidance you need to eat the appropriate amount and type of food for your unique body on this specific day.