Scientific Studies On Nutrition Are Often Contradictory…

Now scientists are reporting that a low calorie lifestyle is NOT related to longevity?

Remember a few years ago when it was widely reported that there was a causal link between a low calorie diet and living longer?

My point is this:

The scientific community has come up with very few recommendations on nutrition that have not been subsequently changed.

So how does this effect us?

If you live with a healthy thin mentality, you don’t pay attention to that stuff anyway.  You are in touch with your own wisdom- your body’s instincts.  That is what drives your food choices, not the “nutrition wisdom of the week.”

But here is something I have noticed about myself, and I would love to know if anyone else has noticed this.

Nutritionists traditionally recommend eating every meal with adherence to the food pyramid or some food rules.

Well, I absolutely do not eat that way.  I have noticed that I tend to crave one kind of food at a time.  I will crave meat, and eat a meal that is “meat-heavy.”  Then another meal I will crave pasta and eat a meal that is “pasta-heavy.”  Then I will crave vegetables and eat a meal that is “vegetable-heavy.”

In other words, my nutrition isn’t balanced at every meal, it is balanced over several meals.

And I feel great.

It is important for you to listen and learn about how your body drives you to “nutritious choices.” And may I remind you that if you don’t think your body will talk to you, you are incorrect.  You don’t hear it now because you have shut down your inner voice for a long time.

Get quiet and really focus on listening.  You will not be good at this at first.  But every time that you make the effort to listen to your body, you will get better at it.   And your long-ignored instincts will slowly but surely start making more noise.

I wasn’t good at it at first either.  Now, I am.  I am not special in this way.  I am normal.  And normal has been trained out of you by all the dieting you have done in your life.