Ridiculous “Expert” Diet Advice

 I mentioned it on Facebook but thought that it could use some more analysis.

The expert was very chatty about the importance of “environmental control” as a way to help lose weight.   Her advice included:

  • Don’t use the kitchen door, use the main door to get in your house, so you think about eating.
  • Paint your kitchen blue because that doesn’t stimulate eating like yellow or red. the colors fast food chains use.
  • Hide the “bad” food in the drawers of your refrigerator.

Do you see what a diet mentality this kind of advice perpetrates?

Instead of eating because you are hungry, you control your  weight by “controlling” your surroundings.  Do you see how “back asswords” this is?

When you develop a thin mentality, you can deal with anything that life throws your way.  You are calm and happy with respect to your body and eating.  You are not a “victim” of circumstance, as this “diet expert” paints us.

You are in charge of you, not the color of your kitchen!  Your body and psyche are in harmony.  You eat because of hunger.  And you enjoy it and look forward to it.

The diet “expert” thinks that this is what will happen:

Oh yes, I will “hide” the food I really want in the drawer of my fridge, and I am so easily fooled that I will forget it is there, and I will eat an apple instead and I will never miss eating that bread.

This is what will really happen:

I know there is some bread and butter in the bottom drawer, and I am really hungry and that is what my body is craving, probably because I worked out yesterday, pretty hard.    But instead, I will eat this apple.  Then, after a few weeks of this, I will go on a binge and eat a whole loaf of bread and a bunch of butter on it.  I won’t enjoy it that much because I will shove it down really quickly and I will feel very guilty.   Then I will wake up the next day feeling really awful and berate myself for eating all that bread.


If you allowed yourself to eat some nice toast with butter when your hungry body was asking for it, you would NOT gain weight, and you would NOT set yourself up for a binge.

You would eat it without judgment.  You wouldn’t eat more than you actually want because you were thinking, “I have blown it, might as well eat more.”  Thin people don’t think that way.

And over time, your body would begin to trust you.  You would listen to your hunger and satiety cues and get really really good at answering your body with the type and amount of food that is appropriate for you at the moment in time.

That is what thin people do.  They don’t hide food!  They look forward to eating it when they are hungry!

Thin people use the kitchen door if they feel like it, knowing that walking through a kitchen is in NO WAY a reason to eat.  There is no fear of the kitchen!  Geez!

And if they want a blue kitchen because they like blue, they paint it blue.  But the idea that you would paint your kitchen a color to control your eating is, to a thin mentality person, (like YOU CAN BE)  utterly idiotic.

Does this make sense to you??

Act like a thin person, and you will become on.  Act like a crazed dieter, and you will be a crazed dieter for the rest of your life.  I am so sad that so many people are crazed dieters.  LIfe is too short and wonderful to do that to yourself…