Respecting Your Voice Builds Self-Esteem

Diet Mentality:

If I could lose the weight, I would feel more confident to voice my opinion.  I feel like my weight makes me look like I am undisciplined, so I feel shy and less secure.

Healthy Thin Mentality:

Dieting was beating up my self esteem.  I felt like a failure when I couldn’t keep weight off.  Now that I understand that dieting was never going to work, and I have reconnected hunger with eating, I feel so much stronger and confident.

How your thin mentality improves self-esteem:

  1. You don’t blame yourself for gaining weight back after dieting.   Instead,  you realize that you have a powerful survival instinct!  By understanding that your inability to keep weight off was simply your strong biology demanding to be fed, you feel almost proud.  (Hey, you would have survived in ancient times of famine!)
  2. You respect your uniqueness.  By understanding that no one knows better for your body than you, you become your own “expert,” and you value your own instincts.
  3. You become a better critical thinker, and less willing to simply “follow the herd.”  Your thin mentality bleeds over into other parts of your life too.  You become more independent and less likely to believe slick commercials for anything.
  4. Your thin mentality encourages you to pay attention to your own “intuition,”  a valuable, but frequently overlooked, source of wisdom in our lives.

Like I always say, your healthy thin mentality is the best gift that you will ever give yourself.