Remember What Your Real Choices Are

Does this sound familiar?

You say to yourself, “This “diets are fattening” idea is interesting,  I will give this a try, but if it doesn’t work and I pig out or something, I will have to diet again..”


If you say that to yourself, you are dooming yourself to failure here.

The reason?

If say to yourself that you will go on a diet if you don’t lose weight by developing your thin mentality, you have given yourself an “out.”

But really, there is NO OUT!

What do I mean?  I mean that you must remember what your real choices are.

1.  Stop dieting and learn to behave, and then become, a naturally thin person.

2.  Give up completely and continue to gain weight

3.  Diet and have yo yo weight gains for the rest of your life.

Notice, that “diet and keep the weight off” is not there.  It is not there because it is not going to happen!  How do I know?  Well, if you are reading this, you have already tried this many many times.  And it hasn’t worked.  You have NOT kept it off.

Stop blaming yourself.  You are struggling under a flawed paradigm.  That is not to say you aren’t responsible for you.

I am just suggesting that you “keep it real!”   And that means no fooling yourself into thinking that if you just find the right diet, your problems will be solved.

So use today as a stepping stone to get closer to having the thin body you were meant to have.  And do this by 100% committing to eating as mother nature intended, in response to hunger.

If your body knows that you will feed it whenever it is truly hungry, it will relax and stop sending you “pig out” signals.    There is no joy in overeating when you can eat whenever you are hungry.  There is no joy in shoving a whole gallon of popcorn down the hatch at a movie when you ate exactly what you wanted at dinner.

Try it, stay committed and you will see…