1.  By staying in the present, you will avoid the pitfalls of holiday eating and weight gain. 

Do not let your brain wander away from the key question for HTM eaters: am I hungry?  It is tempting to make "exceptions" for eating without hunger because it is the holidays.  But giving yourself permission to eat without hunger, because of a party or whatever, weakens your connection with hunger-driven eating.  And hunger driven eating is the habit you want to strengthen.  It is the essence of building your HTM- so protect it.  Always, no matter what time of year.  

2.  Alcohol gain derail you if you use it as an excuse to tune out hunger and satiety.

If you find yourself eating more when you drink, just take some extra effort to stay in touch with hunger AND satiety.  Even under the influence of alcohol, you can train yourself to keep your HTM strong and growing.  Dieters frequently use alcohol to ignore diet rules.   Of course, if you lose control with alcohol, you should avoid it for lots of reasons.  But HTM people can drink in happy moderation and still pay attention to hunger and satiety.

Remember, friends, I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice.

3.  Do not use a future Jan 1 diet to excuse your behavior in the present.  Dieters make deals with the future all the time- that is not part of HTM behavior.  There is no future diet.  There is no big workout tomorrow.  There is no January 1 day of reckoning.  It is just you, eating less because you know that whenever you are hungry, you can eat again, and it will be amazing.

And this, my friends, is how you lose weight permanently and joyfully.  You CAN do this.