Reinforce The Principles Of A HealthyThin Mentality Everyday

Set Yourself Free


As you are working hard to change your perspective, remember that your cravings, hunger etc are part of you, and in time, they will become more predictable as you start paying more attention to them.  

This is normal.  

You have been trained to believe that it is good to ignore your body.  Yes, it is hardest in the beginning when you have no idea what food you are craving, or how much you food you need!

This doesn’t last long though, and you will get better and better at it the more you actively engage, actively listen.

You will come to learn what kind of food you should buy based on your experience with your own preferences.  The stress you are feeling about doing this healthy thin mentality thing “just right” is a remnant of your diet mentality.

Focus on progress, not perfection.

Stop dieting and obsessing.  You were not born to be fat.  You were born to be a nice, healthy weight.  Get there by rejecting that diet mentality that I imagine is very, very strong in most of you.

Recognize that what you thought was the answer- rigid rules- is actually the problem.  One cookie doesn’t mean you should eat ten because you blew it.  A couple of cookies isn’t evil.    Ditch that “all or none” mentality.

It takes time to assimilate a healthy thin mentality into your life.  But I promise, it is worth it.

Let go of your diet mentality and re-connect with the way Mother Nature intended you to eat-in response to true hunger.  Take away the obsessive mentality and.. the obsessive behavior, including binge behavior, goes away!