Radio Show – Why I Didn’t Fit In

Someone asked me to be on the radio.  They clearly didn’t look at my website or Facebook page very well.

I didn’t fit in well at all…  (Yes that is me with my dog-just love this pic so thought I’d share…)

They built a show, one that they hope will bring in advertising revenue, based on “healthy lifestyles.”

It was the typical, tired, overused cliches and rules about dieting and how to get thin.  A phrase that was used a lot was, “How to make it through the holidays without gaining weight.”

Is that really the best we can do?  To “make it through” the holidays?

A caller called in and said that he eats an apple before going to a party so that he eats less at the party.  Everyone cheered- what a  “good” way to make it through the holidays- ??

That is such a diet mentality.

Here is a thin mentality dealing with the holidays:

I love the holidays- there is so much good food that I don’t usually get that I can enjoy.  I get that smoked turkey from my aunt, there is eggnog and roast beef and special roasted vegetables at my sister’s house and I cook more than usual, including that strata for Christmas morning.

It is a wonderful time of the year to enjoy satisfying my hunger.

Before a special meal,  I make sure that I am in Stage 2 hunger when it will be time to eat.  (Not desperately hungry like when I am at Stage 3, just pleasantly hungry.)
I have learned over the years how to time this very well. You will too!

If I know I won’t make it to dinner without getting over hungry, I eat a little something I love from the appetizer table.  (not an apple at home by myself!!)  But, since I like the actual meal better than the appetizers, I would never fill up and waste my hunger on that.  (There are sometimes when I prefer appetizers, but not over the holidays!)

Anyway do you get the idea?

It is a mindset that isn’t afraid of the holiday food!  I appreciate holiday food.  But, since I can always eat what I crave when I am hungry, there is ZERO  motivation to over eat.

The longer you are a thin mentality person, the less tolerance you have for over eating.  It is a terrible feeling to overload your stomach.  It ruins the evening- or day.  I haven’t done it in a long long time, but I remember the feeling well.

It was always especially bad after dieting.  After weeks or months of strict eating, I would just lose it and binge.  I know you know the feeing.  To be free of that is such a triumph.  I never ever ever worry about that anymore.

I am not special.  This is normal.

I hope you had a good holiday season.  I hope you enjoyed great food when you were hungry.  I hope you stopped when your fantastic body said, “enough.”

It takes some trial and error for a thin mentality to take hold.  Be willing to get through it.  The reward:  thin, happy, relaxed around food.  (For the rest of your life.)