Protect Your Thin Mentality- Recognize These Diet Mentality Behaviors- And Then Don’t Do ’Em!!

Here are a five diet mentality behaviors that you need to be able to recognize!

If you find yourself doing these, don’t be hard on yourself, just take a deep breath, recognize the behavior and steer yourself away from it.

Remember that you are taking on a very big task.  You are deviating from the hugely accepted societal norm that dieting is the way to thinness.  But please remember that this isn’t true.  Dieting, at best, makes you a “thin” dieter.  Not a thin, healthy person with a relaxed attitude toward food.

And  more often dieting just makes you progressively more and more overweight.  (Lose 10, gain 12.  lose 12 gain 15, lose 15 gain 18.- you get the picture…)

So as you make your transition- watch out for these behaviors that are remnants from your diet mentality.

  1. -Taking a peak at the calories in what you are eating to decide whether or not you “should” have some more…
  2. -Weighing yourself so you can see if you can see if you have been “good.”
  3. -Looking at your watch to see when you ate last so you can judge whether or not you “should be” hungry.
  4. -You avoid eating a cookie even though that is what you are craving because you are worried about being judged by others.
  5. -You exercise a bit longer because you feel like you ate too much

Do you see how all of these take you away from the “golden” question of healthy thin mentality eating?

Am I Hungry?

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And, if you have had success, please know how much your encouragement will help others.  

Let’s reach out to each other.  The more of us who “get it” the more power we will have.