Phases Of Your Healthy Thin Mentality

Phase I of Building Your Thin Mentality – How it feels, what you need to commit to:

This stage is a mix of joy and anxiety:

The joy comes from understanding that:

  1. You do not have to diet for the rest of your life in order to be thin.
  2. You can and should enjoy food and your unique food preferences.
  3. You were born with a thin mentality but the non-stop diet messaging that you have lived with your whole life has made you believe that you need to have your eating planned by someone else.  You do not, of course.
  4. You are resilient and if you work with your body instead of against it, you can reconnect with your thin mentality and lose weight permanently, and in harmony with your unique needs and preferences.

But, you are anxious because:

  1. You are having a hard time believing that you can eat what you crave when you are hungry.
  2. You fear you will gain weight.
  3. You miss having dieting as an “out” so that you can overeat and say to yourself that you will just begin a new diet on Monday.
  4. You aren’t used to “staying in the moment” as you eat.
  5. You aren’t used to paying attention to your body.
  6. You miss weighing yourself constantly to make sure that you aren’t gaining weight.
  7. You get disapproving feedback from friends and family as you eat “non diet” foods.
  8. You are used to food rules.

I understand the severity of this stress.

You are changing your fundamental view of eating.  And eating is something you do several times a day, every day.    And even a bad situation, such as being a lifelong dieter with miserable yo-yo weight gain and loss, holds some comfort because you are familiar with it.  You know the routine.

I get it.

I am telling you that there is a much happier way to be.

In order to build your thin mentality commit to the following:

    1. Have a long-term vision for yourself, “I want to lose weight permanently, and enjoy my life and food,” instead of a quick fix mentality.  “I want to get into those jeans in two weeks.”
    2. You must honestly review your personal history with diets and admit to yourself that you have never lost weight and kept it off.
    3. You must be willing to recommit to building your thin mentality every day in order to defend yourself from the hundreds of pro-diet and food rule messages that you see every week.  Come to my website, or others with a no diet, no food rules message.  I put a lot of support out there.  But you have to come get it!  Weight Watchers can afford ads, I cannot!
    4. You must use your own power of logic and reasoning to determine that dieting is a failed paradigm.  As much as I can give you examples, for you to internalize it, look around, and use your common sense to come to this conclusion as well.    The diet industry loves it when you are desperate and lose your ability to think logically!  Don’t give into that!!